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I'm Eric Azevedo, an expert English to Portuguese translator, editor and copywriter. I produce and optimize content that drives authentic connections.
I can help you or your company communicate with Brazilian audiences with translation, localization, subtitling, and impactful content creation and editing.
Explore the following sections to discover more about my background and the services I can provide! Let's connect and discuss how we can make your content shine, breaking through language barriers and unleashing its true potential, no matter your industry or field.

Get to know my journey into translation and linguistics, and the education and experiences that shape the quality of my work.
Explore the numerous ways I can assist you in expanding your influence among Brazilian audiences with the range of linguistic services I provide.
My toolbox, acquired knowledge, and practices can be valuable assets to your project. Discover how my transparent business interactions can ensure a smooth and reliable experience for your goals.
Take a look at the diverse range specialty fields I handle, alongside some of the content I have collaborated with.

If you are interested in enhancing your content or projects, please feel free to contact me! I provide linguistic services and have expertise in various specialized areas. Send me an email, and we can begin collaborating!

You can also…

…mail me directly at eric@eaztranslations.com
…mail me directly at eric@eaztranslations.com
…connect with me on LinkedIn
…connect with me on LinkedIn
…follow me on Medium
…follow me on Medium